Friday, May 7, 2010

Ersin Faikzade and great DIANA ARCHIVES

Lady Diana, princess of noble sorrow
ersin faikzade, artist names worldwide goodwill ambassador.
ersin faikzade, the world's largest Princess Diana fans and archivists.

faikzade ersin of the archives of Diana among the thousands of magazines, books and videos are located.
ersin faikzade with a large fan base, says Princess Diana's love would last forever.

Great Princess Diana Archives of Ersin Faikzade 2010 catalog shootings.
Ambassador Ersin Faikzade and his great Archives room.

kensington palace garden 2006 september

2007 in london harrods

During the memorial ceremonies Princess Diana in kensington palace

during the memorial ceremonies of princess diana in kensington palace garden ,ersin faikzade and diana fans friends seen.

year 2007 ,in wembley stadium london, princess diana 40th birthday anniversary great memorial concerts.ersin faikzade and diana fans were there.